About Us

I’ve been building Jeeps and 4×4 trucks as long as I can remember. I guess sometime around 2010 I was working on a frame-off restoration and got fed up with the poor quality and fitment of the parts that were available. Back then I built a lot of parts with an angle grinder, hacksaw and stick welder because that’s what I had and I was that sick of the aftermarket junk. It just felt like with a little capital invested, I could do better. So I decided to take that risk and that’s how Live Axle Machine Company was born in 2011. It’s been a hard road but at Live Axle we don’t compromise and we simply don’t give up. Every product we sell has been tested for fitment and built to take a beating.

Live Axle Machine Company is still small and just starting out but we’ve come a long way. These days we meticulously design everything in a sophisticated 3D parametric CAD environment to ensure precision and proper interaction between components. Every design starts with understanding the design intent of the vehicle OEM part that’s being reverse engineered. Every part is manufactured with CNC equipment. That may sound like just a bunch of fancy words stuck together, but have you ever bought a part and it didn’t fit without modification or it fixed one problem but caused another? At Live Axle that’s what we try to avoid.

Since I began this company there have been a handful of other off road fabrication companies that have made names for themselves for doing quality off road fabrication work in the USA. We respect that kind of competition and we know you have choices as a customer. That is why we don’t cut corners and we take customer satisfaction very seriously. Give us a shot and see the difference.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope we can help you with your next Jeep or truck project!

Zach Vroman

Heavy D-Ring Mount