AAM 9.25 Front Axle Seal Replacement

AAM 9.25 Axle

I love finding new ways of doing things. I recently rebuilt and re-geared axles on a buddy’s 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 and I picked up on this little tip for removing and re-installing the AAM 9.25 front axle inner seals. To do the job this way you will need a long 1/2” threaded rod (hardware store grade is fine), a couple of 1/2”-13 nuts and flat washers, a bearing and seal driver set like the one shown below. A ratchet wrench also helps.

The way it works is by using the seal driver to anchor the threaded rod to outside end of the axle. With the threaded rod going through the center section to the opposite side (2nd and 3rd picture), we are pulling the old seal out. In the 4th and 5th pictures we are reversing the process to seat the new seal in place.